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NOS, completion of new HOSPITALITY signage in new Taranto Local Health Units

30 November 2021

Work has been completed by NOS, the division of La Cascina Costruzioni specialising in road signs, on the interiors and external areas of the two buildings of the Taranto Local Health Authority intended as polyclinics: the first for the Pathological Dependencies Department and the second for the Operations Centre – 118 System; Single Reservation Call Centre; Socio-Health Area; Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry DSM.

Luminous panels, totems, pink strips and all-round communication aimed at the public according to the dictates of the new HOSPITALITY guidelines, updated by the Apulia Region in July 2021, have thus enriched the two structures, built from scratch by La Cascina Costruzioni.


New seating at Bologna Airport

1 September 2021

The collaboration between Bologna Airport and Nos, a division of La Cascina Costruzioni, is continuing apace.
One of the latest important projects is the new outdoor seating, designed and manufactured entirely by Nos.
Composed of a solid and essential structure, combined with fine wood, they can be arranged in different compositions, are integrated with circular planters and complete the furnishing of the new departure area and the link with the People Moover.





















IQOS, NOS to distribute electronic cigarette filling stations in Germany

13 December 2020

NOS, a division of La Cascina Costruzioni, is expanding into Germany.
In fact, it will be responsible for the production and distribution of special columns for recharging Iqos electronic cigarettes in Germany.
This renews the trust between the company of the La Cascina Group and Philip Morris, which had already entrusted the task to NOS for the Italian market.

The first columns have been delivered in Germany over the last few days: each product consists of 9 openable boxes with an electronic system based on an alphanumeric keypad.
Inside there are three types of cables that can recharge both Iqos cigarettes and smartphones and tablets.
The upper part of each column is dedicated to Iqos products, positioned on special illuminated bases and enclosed within an elegant transparent plexiglass case, which is also illuminated.










Linate Airport, New Body « F » faster monitor maintenance thanks to revolutionary NOS project

11 September 2020

Monitor inspections are easier and faster thanks to a revolutionary new project by NOS, a La Cascina Group company specialising in signage, fittings and furnishings for large structures. Linate airport has relied on the company’s experience and professionalism for the creation of a new panel, containing eight monitors in departure area F, and special brackets to support the screens themselves, making them easy to install and remove.

The special feature of the project is that the front of the panel can be removed for inspection, which is now easier and faster.

NOS’s design took into account the existing elements, ensuring that the grafts integrate perfectly with the underlying structure.

It also worked with another company to make the lamps to match the monitor fascia.



Alghero airport, new look for boarding and check-in thanks to NOS, a division of Cascina Costruzioni

2 September 2020

Alghero airport’s boarding area gets a new look thanks to the design and work of NOS, a division of Cascina Costruzioni. In July, the new check-in points were inaugurated, with improved aesthetics and functionality. A great leap forward for the Sardinian airport, which has decided to rely on the experience and professionalism of NOS, a reference point in Italy for the study and creation of airport signage.


The graphics change, the quality and size of all the monitor racks (including those at the various boarding gates) increase, and the elegance of the fascias above the check-in desks increase.

The work, which involved around ten employees, was carried out as usual at night, without disrupting the airport’s daily operations.

Airports, Turin and Bologna rely on NOS for anti-Covid solutions

14 July 2020

NOS, which has always specialised in the airport sector, responded to the call from the airports of Bologna and Turin by supplying a series of products such as plexiglass bumpers for gate and check-in counters, seat spacers and sanitising gel dispenser columns.

Milano Convention Center, NOS signage impresses clients

14 July 2020

NOS designed and manufactured the signs for the Milano Convention Center. During the renovation of the facades, they were asked to design and produce the MICO signs in satin stainless steel with indirect LED lighting.

Coatings, Gran Reno shopping centre relies on NOS

14 July 2020

NOS has started production and installation of the interior cladding for the Gran Reno shopping centre in Casalecchio di Reno, in the province of Bologna.

The job involves the design, production and installation of exterior and interior façade cladding. A demanding job that requires high quality workmanship and special logistical organisation, as the site will also be open at night.