Signs, furniture, communication

Signs, furniture, communication

The combination of NOS and La Cascina Costruzioni has created a key stakeholder in the Italian airport sector that can boast references, expertise and skills in a variety of fields.

The solidity and authority of the La Cascina Group, which is present throughout Italy, is combined with the experience and professionalism of the NOS in the field of special signs, furniture and communication elements.


Our signs are the result of continuous technological and architectural research and are constantly evolving. Extra-light aluminium profiles are combined with the latest light fittings on the market to create modern and legible solutions. The possibility of customisation allows us to set up any location that needs to manage flows of people.
The latest generation LED lighting systems favour the creation of products with reduced thickness, while guaranteeing a perfect and homogeneous distribution of light. The low voltage power supply system, with the possibility of remote management, also allows the regulation of light intensity and the monitoring of consumption and efficiency.


Outdoor signage is the first distinctive element of an airport. Our attention to detail in the design phase, combined with care during production, aims to provide elements that « dress » the outdoor area, conveying all the information clearly, effectively and immediately.
Portals, signs, totems and parking indicators are designed and created to direct vehicles and pedestrians as smoothly as possible. Portals, signs, totems and parking indicators are designed and created to direct vehicles and pedestrians as smoothly as possible. This is thanks to the exclusive use of high-end components ranging from the multimedia modules to all the decorated parts, made with special paints or coloured adhesive films of the highest quality.

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Careful planning using the most modern materials, combined with advanced construction techniques, gives us the opportunity to satisfy any requirement: from traditional signage to the most modern and refined design with light effects thanks to new lighting technologies.
Thanks to our well-structured and widespread network we are present throughout the country, becoming competitive for any type of installation or maintenance.


Thanks to our thirty years of experience in the airport sector, we are able to satisfy every customer request from the very first stages of design, from sketches and drawings to renderings and photo-insertions. Photorealistic rendering is the tool we use, which is ideal for presenting the project clearly and comprehensively, exactly as it was conceived: versatile and innovative solutions are presented, creating an original and unique three-dimensional reality. Thanks to our design model, we are able to make very effective presentations, while at the same time avoiding the creation of expensive prototypes. 3D technology makes it possible to recreate any type of setting or product, to customise it according to specific requirements and to tailor every detail like the best tailor-made suit. Without compromise, quickly and by enhancing the product in its ideal location.


When creating special structures and objects to complement our wide range of services, we aim for functionality without sacrificing the principles of style and elegance. We offer specific furnishings such as passport boxes, gate counters, fixed and mobile check-in desks, decorative elements and lighting designed by a team of professionals, such as architects and designers, who have been working with us for a long time.
From wayfinding – the overall study of the signage – to the technological production of the signal. Each phase of the project is fundamental and requires maximum precision and care. The professionalism of our team verifies locations and passenger flows and designs the graphic type of signal such as pictograms and colours.


The expression of a project contributes decisively to the success of communication. This is why we combine the most effective proposals with the most modern technologies. Digital prints, communication graphics on rigid or flexible materials, special decorated and UV protective films are all elements that we use in the dressing of specific areas and furnishings for retail, public service premises and temporary worksites.
Our nationwide presence brings benefits in terms of distribution and product management. The display areas, conceived and designed together with the customers, are the result of the NOS staff’s desire to stand out and always offer the consumer a product that reflects all the necessary characteristics.

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