In 2012, with thirty years of experience behind us, we set up NOS Design, a team of highly qualified professionals to create products and services for our customers with a particular focus on airports, stations, shopping centres and outlets.

Our main characteristic is innovation, accompanied by a great attention to design and quality in all our products.

Sensitive to market demands and the latest technologies, we look for solutions that develop our customers’ ideas and needs in an innovative way.


What we can offer

Signage and communication for airports, stations and shopping centres
Special fittings, furnishings, recharge points: design and implementation
Display units

From January 2020 we will be joining the family of La Cascina Costruzioni Srl, a company of the La Cascina Group. This is a move of great strategic value: we bring our skills and experience in the field of special signs, communication elements and furnishings to a solid and important company with a widespread presence throughout Italy. This combination gives rise to a reference stakeholder for all Italian sectors that can boast references, skills and abilities in many fields.

| Vision

Creating products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

|| Mission

To be a company capable of developing increasingly ambitious projects and innovative products.